Why Humour in Gallarate?

Why Humour in Gallarate?

Born as a bit of a game, an exercise in style aimed at cartoonists, the Marco Biassoni Gran Prix has given so much to the town of Gallarate.

Each year (it offers) an appointment using student spirit and humour to reflect upon a topical theme such as School, Stars in the International year of Astronomy, Water in that of the referendum, or yet again, for example, Modern Art, the Theatre, the Devil, the Global Market.

After the years of amateurism and with a growing interests of Italian cartoonists, the choice of tearing down the boundaries.

In 2006 Humour in Gallarate becomes (became) an “International Cartoon Contest”, a competition of humour open to illustrators and cartoonists from every continent. Since then the leading cartoonists of international renown have made an appointment here every year for a top level review which puts thoughts and words into images.

The exhibition is linked to the name of Marco Biassoni, a great Italian cartoonist and illustrator, and, for a few years now, (also) to a new name, known and loved by all the fans of graphic humour, Osvaldo Cavandoli in whose name a special prize is awarded for the best work which puts together the theme chosen with a clean essential execution, just like in the tradition of La Linea.

With a list of elite prize winners, Humour has known how to update itself over the years to keep alive the attention of the participants and visitors, who, thanks to the cartoons selected, come into contact with a surprising and irreverent reality, true works of art condensed into the space of a cartoon.