Tear down the wall

XXII edition

Humour a Gallarate

International Cartoon Contest
Grand Prix “Marco Biassoni”

How many walls do we come across every day? How many must we tear down to uphold our rights or to defend a personal opinion? How many walls have been knocked down in the past and how many instead have been built up? Often a wall is no more than the metaphor of a separation, of a division, an unbridgeable gap between two people, two places, two civilizations, two states.

Whilst circumstances drive us every day, above all in this latest period, to deal with the presence or the absence of walls, the desire to build a new one up again and the wish to see others fall, on this occasion of the XXII edition of our Competition, we have asked ourselves about this fact: – that perhaps even we ourselves should knock down a wall.

The wall can be considered not only as a symbol of a barrier to tear down, but also as a boundary, as a point of no return, as a breach between different worlds, or yet again, as an obstacle to reach a goal. The theme chosen for the XXII edition of Humour in Gallarate, the Grand Prix Marco Biassoni, I cannot deny, is as tough and difficult to understand as often humour itself is. A vehicle of meditation and of efficient communication, because simply by interpreting it, its meaning can arrive straight to the heart of each of us and do more than a thousand words can.

Besides the knowledge of having created an important event, worthy of interest, sometimes the responsibility of doing all by ourselves is tiring and for this I would like to thank the collaborators of the Pro Loco who, for over twenty years, have dedicated every possible effort and every resource for the realization of a competition which has become of age and walks with its head up high amongst the most important international humour competitions.

I believe that only by overcoming the wall, tearing it down, and looking for an honest and direct confrontation, it is possible to create a true and peaceful co-existence between races and a moment of global integration, overcoming the entrenchment of single cultures and the differences that too often keep us divided even from our fellow neighbours.

Dott. Vittorio Pizzolato
Pro Loco Gallarate

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