XXIII edition

Humour a Gallarate

International Cartoon Contest
Grand Prix “Marco Biassoni”

The theme chosen for the XXIII edition of Humor in Gallarate is undoubtedly a heartfelt tribute to the first Italian exhibition dedicated to Jack Kerouac but also a way for us to say out loud that after 23 years on the way we feel that we have a little right to celebrate our history. Kerouac has been for many generations a true icon not just in literature.

The undisputed father of the Beat Generation with his vision, also artistic, was the beacon of the XXIII edition, in a kaleidoscope of streets, encounters, journeys that describe a changing world, where often the road we go through is more important than the destination chosen! Pulling the ranks of an event that involved almost 399 cartoonists from all over the world is difficult and beautiful at the same time. It requires effort and effort but it is extremely gratifying, especially when after all the behind-the-scenes work we can proudly show the result. Leaf through the catalog pages and see the setting up of the artworks exhibition repay us of all the tiredness.

The decision to borrow the title of – perhaps – the most well-known work of Kerouac, especially from the Italian public, was a great reflection primarily for us. On the road is an expression entered in the common language, we all have used at least once, with the most disparate meanings. For many cartoonists, being On the road often means having to defend their own freedom of expression, their own ideas or the way they do satire from the pages of the newspaper they work for or from their own blogs. The fascination of the humor graphic consists precisely in this incredible ability to condense even complex thoughts and meanings and make them easy to interpret for everyone. Because we all smile when we see a funny cartoon in a newspaper, or when we discover an illustration that explains a complex concept in a few sketches! Each one of the selected artworks tell its own vision and gives voice to the personal experiences of the cartoonists, who loyal to the call of the Grand Prix Marco Biassoni and Premio Osvaldo Cavandoli, have decided to share with us a piece of their own road. We are so grateful to Maga Museum for all these years of precious collaboration with Pro Loco in the realization of this international competition and for giving even more prestige to the exhibition hosting it in its rooms, especially in this edition with the amazing combination of the Kerouac.Beat Painting exhibit.

We also thank the City Administration that has believed and continues to believe in our association and our desire a bit crazy to continue such a huge competition, unfortunately one of the few still existing in Italy.

Dott. Vittorio Pizzolato
Pro Loco Gallarate

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