Our city can boast about many prides. Humour a Gallarate is certainly one of these. Its history speaks for itself: 23 editions, one after the other, are the brand of an initiative that has grown year after year, to become a real point of reference for the best cartoonists. Once again, the jury has been called to select artworks from all around the world and once again the list of participating countries has expanded with the debut of “competitors” from Norway and Finland. An increasingly unique contest capable to make quality its true added value.

Thanks to Pro Loco Gallarate, to its president Vittorio Pizzolato and to all his staff: I remember as a boy the first exhibitions, almost amateur and monopolized by beginners “humorists” most coming from our district. A whole new story today, when the contest and exhibition is hosted in a prestigious setting represented by Ma*Ga Museum. A well-established bond, embellished by the theme chosen for the 2017 edition, “On the road”, the same thread of the wonderful review of paintings by Jack Kerouac hosted in our museum as a world premiere. Connecting humor to the father of the Beat Generation and putting together a local association linked to popular traditions with a museum of modern art, are things never seen before that only happen in Gallarate.

Andrea Cassani

Mayor of Gallarate

For the 23rd edition of the “Humour a Gallarate Grand Prix Marco Biassoni – Osvaldo Cavandoli Award”, the choice of the theme “On the road” brings with it a meaning that goes well beyond the word itself. “On the road” is the title of Jack Kerouac’s most successful literary work, which became the Beat Generation manifesto. But Kerouac was also an artist and painter, as masterfully documented by the exhibition inaugurated at Ma*Ga Museum in December 2017 and which until April 2018 will allow us to see paintings and drawings, a proof of the less known activity of the American writer, but complementary to his cultural education as a complete artist. And artists are all the 108 authors, selected by the jury of the review.

I really appreciate the choice of the theme On the Road, in sintony with the museum’s planning, because on one hand it represents the consolidation of the collaboration between Pro Loco and the Ma*Ga Museum, on the other it is the concrete testimony of how is strategic to create a network, in the perspective of an intelligent and planned cultural development. The growth path of Humour a Gallarate is extraordinary; Pro Loco has been able to look away without the fear of aiming high, bringing the contest on the road well beyond the Gallarate borders, since it has long established itself as an annual international event. Really admired for the valuable quality and quantity of the selected artworks for this 23rd edition of Humour a Gallarate, I thank the President Vittorio Pizzolato and his collaborators for the hard work and enthusiasm which they worked with, always remaining “on the road”.

Isabella Peroni

Councillor for Culture
Gallarate Town Council