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Authors selected for exhibition and catalog 2017

Here is the list of the authors selected by the Jury of “Humor at Gallarate Grand Prix Marco Biassoni – Osvaldo Cavandoli Award 2017”.

The jury composed as follows: Antonio Antunes (president – cartoonist), Sandrina Bandera (president Maga), Vincenzo Coronetti (journalist), Gianlorenzo Ingrami (cartoonist), Marzio Mariani (cartoonist), Marilena Nardi (cartoonist), Mariarosa Todeschin (Pro Loco Gallarate board) has selected the works for the exhibition and for the catalog among over 1100 cartoons sent by 380 authors from all over the world .

The winners will be announced during the awards ceremony and opening of the exhibition next January 21, 2018 to the Maga di Gallarate at 11 am.